Privacy Policy

The personal details that you provide us when applying for our services at Payday Loans Columbia are safeguarded by us. To ensure that your personal details remain intact with us we have made use of various advanced safety measures. So, do take your time to read them carefully before browsing through the website.

The information that you will need to provide us when applying for our services include name, email ID, social security number and so on. The sole reason behind collecting your personal information is to help you find the right loan deal suiting your needs. We will never share the information that you provide us without your consent.

In the pages of Payday Loans Columbia you can find various third party links. These links are provided for your reference purpose only. As they are not controlled by us, you will have to browse them at your own risk. Do read the privacy policy of these third party links carefully before browsing them.

At Payday Loans Columbia we hold complete right to make changes to the privacy statement at any time. Any changes made by us will be published in the website. So, do visit us at regular interval to stay updated of the changes that we make.